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Original Car Scratch remover Pen in Pakistan

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Car Scratch Remover
Consumers love their cars and also taking good care of vehicles can become a hobby. Even with top quality care, daily driving and weather conditions can cause incidental damage to your cars. However if this damage will repair quickly your car look at its best and last longer. Here we are introducing you an amazing car scratch remover in Pakistan. Car Scratch Remover in Pakistan will remove all deep scratches and work on all paint colours. After application it will dry clear with UV hardeners reflecting a polished look. No more need of sanding tools. Car Scratch Remover in Pakistan can take away every type of scratches, dings and nicks. Car Scratch Remover in Pakistan fast acting formulation having millions of microscopic polishing agents re-establish your car’s original shine. Telebrands
Car Scratch Remover in Pakistan works on any car in every colour.
Car Scratch Remover in Pakistan enters deeply into the pores of surface to bring back original shine. Telebrands Pakistan
UV sunlight triggered.
Non-toxic in nature.
Water resistant
Permanent effect
How to Use:
First of all shake it with cap on and then apply Car Scratch Remover in Pakistan in shaded area. Make preparations on different layers. With tip pointed down, press and release tip with on a surface until tip is saturated again. It will take approximately forty to fifty presses to entirely saturate the tip. Apply on to damaged area. Work rapidly, it best work in direct sunlight. Wipe off excess with dry towel. Allow it to dry for about 24 to 48 hours approximately. Deeper scratches may call for an additional application. Telebrands Products

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