Terms & Conditions

.          Defective product must be notified to our customer care department within 48 hours of product received.

2.          All electrical goods have a warranty of 1 month from the date of receipt to customer.

3.          During warranty period, product will be repaired; under circumstances if product cannot be repaired it will be replaced depending on stock availability.

4.          Warranty is void if product is tempered with or repair attempted at customer end, prior to receipt at cyberteleshop warehouse.

5.          Warranty is void if product is not used as per manual / instruction provided by the us.

6.          Repair request is not entertained after expiry of warranty period.

7.          We are not responsible for replacement of product if it is mishandled due to negligence at customer end.

8.          We will not refund money if product can be repaired or replaced.

9.          For repair / replacement under warranty, product must be delivered to our warehouse.

10.      In case of returning of product to us by any reason, 30% charges will be deducted from Net Amount.