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Spy GSM Sim Phone Device

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Spy GSM SIM Phone Device
If you want to secure your home, car, workplace, or even monitor your children activities then Spy GSM SIM Phone Device in Pakistan is the best Spy product for you. Spy GSM SIM Phone Device in Pakistan is the latest product in spy technology. Telebrands in Pakistan has introduced many spy products as it is the biggest telemarketing organization in Pakistan. Telebrands is the only online platform which hold its consumer experiences in high regard in order to reach their satisfaction levels. Telebrands offers you cash on delivery option, now you can buy anything while comforting on your chair. Telebrands always try to offer unique and innovative products in order to fulfil its customer needs and demands.
Spy GSM SIM Phone Device in Pakistan has a size of matchbox you just need to insert a SIM card to call and listen. Once you call on your new SIM card number this device will answer automatically. Spy GSM SIM Phone Device in Pakistan works just like a phone with a sensitive microphone. You will be able to hear what others are talking about when you call that SIM card’s phone number. Spy GSM SIM Phone Device in Pakistan consists of two active micro phones allowing you to listen to any voice up to 5 metre away. The good point is that you can access the device from anywhere in the world over mobile or landline because of GSM. There will be no need of configuration in line for embedded system of microphones. 
Unique super slim design
Compatible with 2 bands (900MHZ and 1900MHZ)
20 metres microphone range
Responding frequency is 1.2K~800Khz
Dimension: 3.9cm x 1.2cm x 2.7cm
Stand by time of 3-5 days
Working temperature lies between 40~50°C
Crisp and clear sound
Not compatible with CDMA and 3G network
Instructions for use
Place SIM card in to the slot, make sure about the direction being right
Red light indicator point out that the SIM is inserted correctly
After initialization light will be off 
Dial the SIM card number you could hear the sound around the device

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